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What kind of outcome may be expected

The decisions made by the Board are final and binding for both parties. In certain situations, the Board may decide that you are entitled to compensation (e.g. in case of unjustified dismissal).


The Board can also set aside a dismissal unless it is considered unreasonable to claim the employment relationship maintained or restored.


The board will base its decision on your complaint

When the Board takes decisions, the members of the Board will base their work on your expected outcome of the case. It is therefore important that you clearly state the requested outcome of your complaint.


Notification of Board decisions

When the Board of Equal Treatment has reached a decision, you will receive the decision by letter within a period of approximately 7 days. The decision will also be sent to the defendant.


Decisions are binding and must be complied with

The decision from the Board will provide information on how to comply with the decision and will also set a timeframe for the compliance.

Non-compliance with the Board decisions

In case of non-compliance with the Board decision, the secretariat of the Board of Equal Treatment must upon your request - and on your behalf - bring the case to court. Therefore, contact the Secretariat if the Board decision is not complied with. The Board and the secretariat will not automatically follow up on the actual compliance with the decision.


Board decisions will be published

All board decisions will be published in an anonymous version. Everybody can subscribe to the publications.


Subscribe to publications (in Danish) from the Board





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Estimated processing time

The estimated time required to process your case is five months.


Contact us

You are welcome to mail us at or phone 00 45 33 41 12 00, ask for The Board of Equal Treatment (in Danish: Ligebehandlingsnaevnet).

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