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The processing of a complaint

When the Secretariat receives your complaint, we will acknowledge the receipt within 14 days. The letter includes a reference number that we ask you to use in all your communication with the secretariat of the Board of Equal Treatment. The letter will provide you with an estimated timeframe for the processing of your complaint.


Additional information may be required

In case we need additional information or need to clarify the overall purpose of your complaint, we will contact you and ask you to provide us with the required details.


Your complaint will be sent for hearing with the defendant

As part of the initial processing of your case, your complaint will be sent for hearing with the defendant that you complain about. The information contained in the hearing will not be anonymized.


Estimated processing time

The estimated time required to process your case is 9 months.

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Contact us

You can contact the Secretariat if you consider filing a complaint, or if you want more information


The Board of Equal Treatment

Amaliegade 25

Box 9080

1022 Copenhagen K

phone: 33 41 12 00


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