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Legislation covered by the Board

 The Board of Equal Treatment deals with complaints about discrimination, covered by the relevant national legislation:

  • Act on Ethnic Equal Treatment
  • Act on Prohibition of Discrimination on the Labour Market
  • Gender Equality (Consolidation) Act
  • Consolidation Act on Equal Pay to Men and Women
  • Consolidation Act on Equal Treatment of Men and Women as regards Access to Employment and Maternity Leave
  • Law on Equal Treatment between Men and Women in Occupational Schemes
  • Act on Child Care Leave
  • Act on Entitlement to Leave and Benefits in the Event of Childbirth

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More information about the legislation

The relevant legislation in Danish can be found at Retsinfo


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You are welcome to mail us at or phone 00 45 33 41 12 00, ask for The Board of Equal Treatment (in Danish: Ligebehandlingsnaevnet).

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