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Composition of meetings and members of the Board

The Board is composed of judges and lawyers 

  • The presidency is composed of 3 judges
  • 9 ordinary members with a degree in law


Board meetings

One member of the presidency and two ordinary members compose the Board at all meetings. If cases are considered of principle importance, the President can expand the Board with additional two members. Decisions are made by majority.


Board meetings are not public

Board meetings are not public. Therefore, the parties to the complaint have no right to be present at the meetings.


Board members appointed by the minister for employment

The Board members are all appointed by the Minister for Employment. 3 members are appointed following recommendation by the Ministry for Refugee, Immigration and Integration Affairs. 3 members are appointed following recommendation from the Minister for Gender Equality. 3 members are appointed directly by the Minister for Employment. All members hold expert knowledge on labour market regulations and discrimination.


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Secretariat of the Board

The National Social Appeals Board serves as secretariat of the Board and can be contacted if you need more information about the Board of Equal Treatment.


It is free of charge to file a complaint to the Board of Equal Treatment.


Contact us

You are welcome to mail us at or phone 00 45 33 41 12 00, ask for The Board of Equal Treatment (in Danish: Ligebehandlingsnaevnet).


Boards no longer exists

With the establishment of the Board of Equal Treatment, the Gender Equality Board and the Complaints Committee for Ethnic Equal Treatment no longer exists.

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